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“The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon” (referred to as “Lok Sin Tong”) was established in 1880. It is one of the oldest charitable organizations in Hong Kong. Lok Sin Tong aims to relieve victims of disasters & to console people in distress, to provide quality medical care & free medicine, to promote education & to cultivate youngsters, and to care for the old & nurture the young. There are more than 80 subsidiary units all over Hong Kong, including primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, medical units, social welfare and elderly units, serving the grassroots of Hong Kong.

Lok Sin Tong is committed to providing appropriate and high-quality diversified services. With the direction of “filling the gaps in social services”, Lok Sin Tong has opened different service units and programs in recent years, and has worked closely with relevant government departments and the business community to respond to the society’s ardent needs for various social welfare.